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Triumph Styling  Decals

 Part #  Caption  Colour:  Size:  Quantity per pack:  Price:  Shop:
 TR-TRL-S-G  Triumph Leaf Logo  Gold  100 mm diameter  1  8.00  BUY NOW
 TR-TRL-S-S  Triumph Leaf Logo  Silver  100 mm diameter  1  8.00  BUY NOW
 TR-TRL-S-GGR  Triumph Leaf Logo  Gold Green  100 mm diameter  1  8.00  BUY NOW

A range of other colours available including metallic & Fluorescent


The following are representative images - currently awaiting photographs very shortly.



Suitable for your Acclaim Dolomite Sprint HL Herald Stag Toledo Vitesse 1300 1500 2000 2500 Spitfire TR2 TR-2 TR3 TR-3 TR4 TR-4 TR5 TR-5 TR6 TR-6 TR7 TR-7 TR8 TR-8 TR250 TR-250 GT6 GT-6